Need to make important decisions or just have carry out a few straw-polls and see what everyone else thinks! Use the Google Moderator Gadget to get the votes in.

Example text

Where should we go on tour this year: Philadelphia, Casablanca, St. Petersburg, Jersey.

Would you want to play squash if it were at lunchtime: Yes No


How to add Google Moderator

Create a moderator and add a series. Then embed it to this page by Editing the page and clicking on 'Properties' of the Google Gadget. Then set the 'Page Url' property to the Url of the series you created.

Alternatively you can create a voting form using Google Docs. To create a vote you first need to create a form with Google Docs. Edit this page and go to the 'Insert menu'. Insert a spreadsheet form and select the created form from the list.

Example vote