Facility and Rentals


Main Level
The main level contains the office,  a commercial kitchen, eating area, change area, locker rooms and full viewing area.

The Ice

The ice area consists of 5 sheets with a generous amount of room at the home end and ample catwalk all around.  During the off season, the ice area can be rented for large events
such as trade shows, socials, etc.  The surface is concrete (10,000 sq. ft.).

Upper Level
The upper level consists of The Granite House Lounge (1800 sq.ft.) and viewing area.
  Up to date sound system
  Elevator available. 


The Club is capable of hosting various functions and is entirely wheel chair accessible.

Common functions include:

  • Receptions – The upstairs lounge (1800 sq.ft.) makes a comfortable setting.
  • Trade Shows, large social events -  the large concrete surface of the rink during the off season is ideal for these events (10,000sq.ft.).
  • Meetings – Arrangements can be made for various kinds of meetings. 
  • Parties – Birthdays, office Christmas parties, special event parties can be arranged.
These can be coordinated with an ice rental as well.
      For more information on rental rates and specs, click here

To inquire about or book an event:  
    Email: steinbachcurl@live.ca 
    or call Wilf at 204-392-2439 (leave a message)