Friday Nite Fun League

If you are just starting out in curling or don't want a higher level of competition, the Friday Nite Fun League is perfect for you! 
This league meets on Friday nights at 7:00 pm.
 A calcutta auction is held after the first few games of the season.

   League starts:  Oct. 23, 2020

   If you are interested in joining this league,
   please contact our Friday Nite Fun League Rep:

     Christal Lackey  204 371 5147  email
    Evelyn Broesky  204 355 8872  email  

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League Notes

- All games are 8 ends
- Five rock free guard zone rule is in effect
- Ties to be decided by skip rocks with sweeping
- Players are responsible to find their own spares
- Spares to play lead or second

2018-2019 League Winners
Mike Pries, Caleb Pries, Lance Harder, Chris Friesen