Seniors' League

The Seniors' League meets on Monday afternoons;draws at 12:30 & 3:00 pm.

     Five rock free guard zone rule is in effect

If you are interested in joining this league, please contact the Seniors' League rep:
    Jake Loeppky:  204-355-4775 or email

Senior's Curling starts Oct. 21, 2019

For your registration form, click here.

For your Seniors league schedule, click here.

For Senior League rules, click here.

2018-2019 League Winners

Trophy Sponsored By: Thelma Guenther (Dennis Guenther Memorial- Trophy)
Grand Aggregate: Jim Rogers, Gerry Rogers , Robert Desautels, Bob Tufford

Trophy Sponsored By:  Tina Rempel (Jake Rempel Memorial- Trophy)
"A" Division: Gerald Reimer, Lori Reimer, Michelle Wensley, Dennis Thiessen

Trophy Sponsored By:  Martha Friesen ( George Pauls- Trophy)
"B" Division:  Cal Eckert, Alice Eckert, John Letkeman, Isabel Eckert