Mixed League

This league meets every Thursday at 7:00 pm  League starts Oct. 17, 2019
If you are interested in joining the Mixed league, please contact the Mixed League Rep:
    Gerald & Lori Reimer   204-326-2522 or email lorgreimer@gmail.com

For your registration form, click here.

For your Mixed League schedule, click here    

League Notes
- All games are 8 ends
- Five rock free guard zone rule is in effect
- The bell will ring at the 1 hour 40 minute mark
- An extra end will be played to break a tie
- Spares must play lead
- Record a W or L after each game


Grand Aggregate: most points all year
"A" Division: most wins last round
Note: The Grand Aggregate winner is not eligible for the "A" Division trophy.

2018-2019 League Winners:  

Trophy Sponsored By:  Penner International
Grand AggregateMike Jeffers,Tracy Jeffers, Dave Little, Lynda Duke

Trophy Sponsored BY:  Frantz Motor Inn
"A" Division: Norm Schellenberg, Sandy Wiwsionski, Doug Wiens,  Donna Heppner

Trophy Sponsored By:  Sarto General Store
"B" Division:Myron Vogt, Penny Vogt, Jason Fehr, Jennie Fehr