Stick Curling

This has become very popular since being introduced for the first time in our club this season!

If you are interested in joining this league, please contact our Stick curling League rep: 
Jake Loeppky 204-355-4775 or email

Stick Curling League starts Oct.27, 2020

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2019-2020 League Winners

 Trophy Sponsored By: Blatz Bistro (Skylite Family Restaurant)
 "Grand Aggregate" 
   Victor Friesen, Jake Loeppky
Trophy Sponsored By: Eastman Therapy Centre
 "A" Division:  
   Bev Thompson, Frank Martens
 Trophy Sponsored By:  Jo Penner (In Memory of Ralph Penner)
 "B" Division
   John Unger , Jim Wiebe
 Trophy Sponsored By : Canadian Tire
 "C" Division 
   Jo Penner, Gary Martens

Stick curling
In comparison to Regular Curling +++
  • Stick allows curlers to prolong their career of the game, with the reduced sweeping, shorter games and no movement over the length of the ice.
  • 2 Person Stick Game allows curlers not only to continue longer, but facilitates a return to curling, and even beginning in later life.
  • 2 Person Stick Game promotes the physical, mental and social well being of people who are hindered by inability to master the slide delivery.  They can compete at a more even level.
  • Curling clubs have the prospect for more leagues and bonspiels.  More members translates into more fee, more customers at the concession and more volunteers.
The shorter game easily allows people to play three or four games in one day, eases scheduling competitions and integrates better with the busy timetable that is common today.

In comparison to Regular Curling +++
  • 2 Person Game only has two players.
  • Sweeping only allowed from the hog line in, through the house.
  • A player at each end, one skipping and one delivering.
  • Players are not allowed to go past the middle of the sheet so partners wanting to discuss a shot have to meet at center ice.  This dramatically reduces time spent in discussion and results in a faster moving game.
  • Each player stays at one end for the entire game.  Players deliver more rocks than they would in a regular game and they get to skip half the game.  Both players have equal opportunity and responsibility, there is continuous activity throughout the game.
  • Each player delivers six rocks per end. Games are just six ends!
  • Three rock rule. Free guard zone.